Our bread range at the moment

Country Sourdough
80% white flour, 15% wholemeal, 5% rye flour
£3.75 (850gm)

A great all-round loaf. Mostly white with a touch of wholemeal for colour and flavour. Good for sandwiches, with soup, and even after 5 days makes great toast.

100% Rye Bread
£3.75 (600 gm)

Based on the famous Russian Borodinsky Rye bread, dark colour, strong flavoured with caraway and coriander seeds and a soft texture, very tasty toasted. One for small slices with cheese, pickles, smoked fish. This bread benefits from 24-48 hours maturing and comes to you wrapped in paper and tied up in string

Wholemeal Sourdough
85% Wholemeal, 15% White flour
£3.75 (850 gm)

A heartier version of the country sourdough made with mainly wholemeal flour, hence the flatter shape. Flavours intensify after a few days, great toasted or with soup.

Sourdough Focaccia
£3.75 (15cm x 15cm)

Classic Italian flat-bread, naturally leavened over-night with no added yeast, giving a deep flavour, made with a variety of toppings. Great side bread or starter with weekend meals.

Danish Rugbrød (450gm)£3.75

A lighter rye bread with a bit of white wheat flour, packed with linseed and sunflower seeds and rye chops (the chewy bits you find in pumpernickel), darkened with molasses.

Kanelbullar (Cinnamon & Cardamom Knots)
Based on a popular Swedish recipe, this enriched dough is filled with a  delicious combination of sweet cinnamon butter and fragrant cardamom.
Try to just eat one….
£2.00 each