Lawrence Leason has had a long and varied journey to bread making via a degree in Russian studies, working as a professional actor , running a vegetarian  café and teaching in further eduction. He has always enjoyed cooking but it was after a one-day sourdough bread making course at the E5 Bakehouse in 2012 that he really got the bug, unable to stop baking; at first just at home, but as more requests came, for neighbours, friends and colleagues at work.

Originally from London and having lived in Hackney for over 20 years, he set up Hackney Bread Kitchen in 2017, at first baking in his home kitchen. Last year he moved out to a dedicated space at the end of the garden. The bakery delivers bread once a week by cargo bike to subscribers living in the local area. He also teaches sourdough baking courses. He continues to divide his time between baking and teaching.