Learn to Bake sourdough LIVE online – Gift Voucher

Following the success of our live online courses during 2020-21,  a gift voucher for a live online course makes a great present for  friends and family who are unable to make it in person to London.

Each course will run from Friday night to Sunday morning, covering all the stages of making and baking sourdough bread.

The cost of the course is £85 and includes a bread making kit, including a starter, banneton (proving basket), HBK bread bag, and even flour.

Maximum of eight participants so questions or problems can be looked at individually.

Places need to be booked at least a week before the start of the course to allow for delivery of  the sourdough kit.

Learn to Bake sourdough LIVE online GIFT VOUCHER

What people say


‘After years of buying hit or miss sourdough loaves, I can finally make my own. Lawrence’s course was rigorous and cosy in equal measure. The staggered pace of baking really suits the virtual format, allowing you to tune in from the comfort of your own kitchen.’ 


“Definitely my new obsession – I may never stop shouting “It’s Alive!” every time I check out the starter/levain”


“Just completed this lovely 3 day sourdough course and even though I’ve been baking for a little while I learned a great deal. Lawrence creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and takes you through the whole sourdough making process with patience and skill. The result – my best loaf yet and the confidence to try out new recipes.”


“I enjoyed learning how to make sourdough immensely and being part of an online baking team, baking bread it’s become one of my most peaceful days”